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ARL is on the forefront of innovation when it comes to our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LIMS is the digital spine of our company. With the expectations and advancements in the industry, ARL is always improving and updating our system of operations. What does this mean for our partners? It means innovation, efficiencies, defensible quality data, and quality pricing. We enjoy creating a process of operation that can provide a feeling of comfort and trust for our partners.

Automated Workflow

As a valued partner, LIMS will provide you with automated workflow to reduce human error, centralizing access and storage of quality-controlled data, processes for tracking media, and integrating our instruments and lab systems to improve on efficiencies. These are a few of the most important LIMS attributes we pride ourselves on, and focus to continually improve.

Results in Real Time

Another benefit for our partners is the ability to see your results in real time. We understand time is critical and creating this option to log into your partner account and see what is happening to your project is invaluable. You can retrieve data from past projects, analyze past and present reports, and login samples for submission to the lab.

Saving You Time

LIMS is a critical aspect for our labs to perform effectively. LIMS provides results in lesser time while maintaining the quality and accuracy we value. It is our goal to provide the most efficient system that benefits our partners and company.

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ARL’s Mission

We exist to provide experience, professionalism, and value in world-leading analytical testing services at the highest level of integrity, reliability, timeliness, accuracy.

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