ARL is a Leader-Leader Company

At Analytical Resource Labs, we empower our team members to be leaders in their areas. Once skilled, they're encouraged to analyze processes, find improvements, and implement them—all within a risk management framework. This “leader-leader" model fosters growth, efficiency, and a shared commitment to excellence.

ARL scientists working together

We Are Setting A New Leadership Standard

ARL empowers its team. Through the leader-leader model, members actively solve problems, propose solutions based on their expertise, and drive change. They don't wait for direction – they take ownership of their learning and empowerment. This mentality leads to problem-solving, initiative, and a shared focus on excellence.

Doing It Right, On Time, Every Time

At ARL, our goal is clear: accurate, timely results through scientific methods. We empower our team to learn, grow, and become problem-solving leaders who drive continuous improvement.

Our Movers and Shakers

Matthew Lewis


Jacob Teller

Director of Quality

Lance Pyper

Director of Partnerships

Christopher Loke

Director of Marketing and Branding

Clara Langevin

Chemistry Lab Manager

Renee Tran

Method Development Manager

Megan Ward

Microbiology Technical Manager

Audrey Larsen

Sample Management Team Manager

Andrea Helm

Business Development Manager

Dana Dunn

Partnerships Manager

Let's Build a Partnership

If you are interested in learning more about the tremendous advantages of working with or for a leader-leader company, please speak with us. Come and learn how our expertise and drive for doing it right, on time, every time can help you achieve your quality objectives.

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