At Analytical Resource Labs (ARL), we offer a comprehensive suite of analytical services designed to empower your product development, ensure quality and compliance, and uncover critical insights. From microbiology testing to HPLC analysis, our experienced team utilizes advanced technologies to deliver accurate, reliable results.

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Our Most Popular Analyses

  • Micro (USP 2021/2022, USP 61/62, USP 51, Probiotics)
  • Heavy Metals—Minerals
  • Vitamins—Water Soluble Vitamins, Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Physical Chemistry—USP Monographs, Nutrition Panels, Organoleptics
  • Enzymes
  • Stability Studies
  • Preservative Efficacy Testing
  • Amazon Testing
  • Adulterant Testing—Sexual Enhancement Adulterants, Weight Management Adulterants, Sports Nutrition Adulterants
  • Cannabinoids/THC/CBD
  • Allergens
  • Kratom
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Services ARL Offers

Enzyme Analyses

Microbiology Analyses

Physical Chemistry Analyses

Instrumental Analyses

Environmental Monitoring

Stabilities and Shelf Life

Amazon Certification

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