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ARL supports a wide range of partners worldwide, particularly in the dietary supplement, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Dietary Supplements

Many people take various forms of dietary supplements to boost health and well-being or address deficiency symptoms. For nutritional supplements to achieve their desired effect, their composition and exact dosage of the active ingredient is essential.

As an experienced player with dedicated labs in nutritional supplement testing, we not only determine the exact composition of your product’s active ingredients but further test them for possible unwanted residues or contaminants. Also, we can provide you with qualified and dependable advice regarding the production of your nutritional supplements.


ARL has the experience and methods to validate your Kratom products. We can help you mitigate risks in your product materials, product labeling, and marketing.

CBD & Hemp

The positive benefits of CBD are recognized around the world. As one of the few ISO-accredited labs in Cannabinoid analysis, ARL is your go-to resource for testing CBD and Hemp products. Our comprehensive cannabinoid profile of tests is precisely what your company needs to validate safety, potency, and compliance.

ARL is also a member of the newly launched USDA Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP), which means we will be able to submit all hemp testing results directly to USDA.


ARL is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to test all 5 categories of drugs. Please contact us for a list of our growing offering of pharmaceutical analyses.


Food and feed are sources of life for humans and animals. Their quality has an immediate effect on our health. From farm to fork, food quality is influenced by environmental contamination during processing, storage, packing, and transportation.

ARL’s full-service Nutrition Panel and Supplement Facts panel testing provides you the confidence in your label claims. ARL’s shelf life testing experience will help you be compliant with FDA regulations and give you confidence in your “Best by” or “Expiration” dates.


Personal Care

ARL employs the guidelines set forth by the Personal Care Product Council and offers compliance testing within industry standards. Routine microbiology and preservative efficacy testing (Challenge Testing) are essential in determining your production processes' quality. Stability, shelf life, freeze-thaw, and package integrity testing are crucial aspects of a high-quality personal care product.


Do you belong to the industries above?

If you belong to any of the industries above, please contact us. We'd love to partner with you and ensure that your products receive the quality and precise testing they deserve. Your success is our success.

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